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Helping Achieve LEED Green Building StatusEnergy Efficient Homes Start with Insulating Concrete Forms

Energy efficient homes are becoming the new standard for home buyers. At a time when energy costs are soaring, many home owners are deciding it makes more sense to spend money on a safer, longer lasting, and more energy efficient home than to spend that same money on utility bills.

Energy efficient homes are composed of various elements which work together to reduce the overall amount of energy consumption. One of the most basic elements of an energy efficient home is a well-insulated and sealed building envelope.

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete  are ideal for creating this energy efficient envelope.

Homes built with ICF exterior walls and the proper complement of windows, doors, HVAC systems, and methods, generally accomplish at least a 50% savings in heating and cooling. In some cases, depending on the area and climate, home owners experience as much as an70% decrease in energy use and costs.


There are many other aspects of an energy efficient home:

  1. Energy efficient homes feature effective insulation.

  2. Energy efficient homes employ high-performance windows and doors.

  3. Energy efficient homes feature tight construction and duct work.

  4. Energy efficient homes incorporate efficient heating and cooling equipment.

  5. Energy efficient homes should be equipped with ENERGY STAR qualified products, including lighting fixtures, fans, and applicances.

  6. Energy efficient homes should be verified through the ENERGY STAR For Homes or the LEED for Homes programs to insure the home buyer is purchasing a truly energy efficient home.

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