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Bracing Systems

Reech Craft Panel Jack

Reech Craft Panel Jack


The ReechCraft Panel Jack System is the ultimate bracing system for Insulated Concrete and conventional forms.

With an extruded aluminum strongback, the Panel Jack is lightweight yet durable enough for any job. The 8-foot Pro System weighs in at a trim 42 pounds and is compact enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck.

Easy-to-install extensions make the Panel Jack versatile enough for use on walls of any height, while the system's overall design allows users to dial in their forms straight and plumb with just a twist of the telescope brace, for added accuracy.





Mono-Brace is easy to store, transport and use. The bracing system is self contained. All parts are attached to the frame. It folds into itself so there are no parts to lose... no sorting or assembly required.

Set up and tear down takes only minutes. The brace has an adjustable built in spikeable walkway with a storable safety rail bracket required by OSHA. The walkway ledge allows for a kick-plate safety board.





Plumwall Ltd. is a special product branch of a 30-year-old Canadian innovative design and manufacturing business. The company is located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

Laser fabrication technology and state of the art design capability has led to the development of a premier all-in-one bracing system. This bracing system eliminates the "part left behind" issues that frustrate builders on the job site.


Superior Alignment Systems

Superior Alignment Systems


The new Superior Alignment System is one the finest ICF Alignment Systems available on the market today for keeping ICF walls straight, plumb, and level for faster installations.

Superior Alignment units stack in less than half the space of most units. The EX-120 only weighs 42 pounds and comes packed in a handy job site box. This box can be easily handled with a sky-track, skid-fork or high-low.

The Superior EX-120 is the most versatile ICF Alignment System on the market today at a cost well below the competition. This single alignment system is capable of bracing up to 14 foot tall walls.



BASF Wall Systems EIFS & Stucco

BASF Wall Systems As the manufacturer of EIFS and stucco wall systems, BASF provides all the components to create the stucco look and offer impact resistance in a surfacing system for ICFs. Products are marketed under the Senergy, SonoWall, Finestone, and Acrocrete brand names.

For details, call them at (904) 996-6167
or go to their Website:


Dryvit Systems, Inc. EIF

Dryvit Systems, Inc.Dryvit Systems, Inc. is the original Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) manufacturer in the United States and the company that spawned the highly-successful EIFS industry in North America beginning in 1969. Dryvit has led the EIFS industry for nearly four decades because of its commitment to research and development.

For details, call them at (913) 238-1420
or go to their Website:



GigaCreteOne building at a time, GigaCrete is pushing the limits of performance, innovation and sustainability. Our cement-based finishing products and panelized building system are setting new standards - earning the increasing acceptance of builders, developers, architects, environmentalists and investors.
At GigaCrete, we develop and manufacture next generation building materials that structurally, economically and environmentally outperform today’s conventional building products. Why? To positively impact human lives.

Build strong. Build forward.

For details, call them at 480-607-6566 or go to their Website:



PermaCretePERMA•CRETE©is the only coating specifically tested over Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) by the ICC-ES. PERMA•CRETE© comes in over 170 standard colors, and can be either hand-troweled or spray-applied. Impact testing (EIMA 101.8) dramatically reveals that no surface is stronger or more durable than PERMA•CRETE®. For the past 18 years, PermaCrete has never had a price increase to its Dealers!

For details, call them at 800-607-3762, or go to their website:





HambroHambro composite floors are a tested and proven concrete forming system for elevated slabs. Hambro provides long span capability, UL fire-rated non-combustible assemblies and a fast and easy carpentry installation. Hambro is economical and design-friendly and benefits from a generous mechanical cavity that allows easy integration of ductwork, plumbing and electrical systems. For more than 35 years, Hambro has been used successfully in single-family detached houses, multistory residential complexes and commercial buildings.

It satisfies the needs of any type of construction; masonry, steel-frame building, poured or precast concrete walls, as well as wood or metal frame construction. It is extremely compatible with ICF wall systems and the floor of choice for many ICF builders and consumers alike, and the addition of in-floor radiant heat does not require a second pour! When considering your next project, visit Hambro at or call 1800 546 9008 to get in touch with our sales staff."

For details, visit



Cactus Board
Dry Basements Forever!

www.cactusboard.comThe CactusBoard basement footing/wall water drainage system forms a space between the edge of the basement floor and the basement wall, and across the footing, allowing water from the perimeter and the walls to drain into the stone aggregate under the floor and then into a sump pump basin or gravity drain. CactusBoard is the only foundation waterproofing product that ensures the basement floor stays dry regardless of what happens with the basement walls or footing drains.

For more details:


Footing System


Fastfoot® is a fabric footing form that prevents rising damp. Stakes are driven into the ground, 2x4 screed boards attached at the correct height, and Fastfoot® is stapled to each 2x4 to form and protect the concrete from ground moisture.

Fastfoot® can be used as a complete footing form, forming the sides and base of the footing.




  A permantly installed system that forms footings, drains foundations and provides a sub-slab perimeter radon evacuation system. Details



Nelson Design Group

"It's not just a home, it's a neighborhood"We are a nationally known design firm with plans published by Architectural Designs, Harris Publications, Homestyles Publishing, Home Design Alternatives, Builder Magazine, Home Planners, Garlinghouse, Old House Journal, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens and many more.

Click Here for ICF Home Plans.




Simpson Strong-Tie
ICF Ledger Connector System

Simpson Strong-Tie


ICF ledger connector system; wood-to-wood and wood-to-concrete connectors; chemical and mechanical connectors.



Demilec USA, LLC
Spray Foam Insulation

Demilec USA, LLCDemilec (USA) LLC develops and manufactures some of the most popular and highest-performing foam polyurethane and polyurea products in the world. We complement these items with world-class training services and auxiliary products that provide a complete, top-of-the-line set of professional tools and equipment.

For details, call them at (817) 640-4900
or go to their Website:


Fomo Products, Inc.

Fomo Products, IncFomo Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of polyurethane spray foam, sealants and adhesives. Fomo's products are an excellent complement to ICF construction and include spray foam insulation in both low pressure refillable and disposable systems, a construction adhesive specifically designed for use with polystyrene applications and a patented closed-cell, low pressure window & door foam.

For details, visit


Thermal Building Concepts, LLC
Saving Energy One Building at a Time

Thermal Building Concepts3-IN-1 ALL WEATHER SHIELD insulation, radiant barrier and vapor barrier in a single product. Thermal 3Ht insulation panels is a cost effective and efficient insulation system which addresses all mechanisms of heat transfer. In one product. Thermal 3Ht insulation panel is lightweight, non-toxic and easy to install. It does not irritate the skin and requires no special equipment or clothing. Thermal 3Ht insulation panel is easy to install in any new construction or retrofit application.

For available territory or buying direct please contact Thermal Building Concepts, LLC Seales representative by calling (877) 703-2323 or please visit us at


Decorawall Construction Systems Inc.

Decorawall Construction Systems IncManufacturers of pre-based and meshed EPS Foam Architectural details. We have been servicing the EIFS industry for over a decade. Unsurpassed in price, quality and service, from the drawing board to the job site, your one stop shop for all your Architectural detail needs, on time, on budget... guaranteed!

For details, visit



Creatherm™ Radiant Floor Panels

Creatherm™ Radiant Floor PanelsCreatherm radiant floor panels provide an energy efficient alternative to other radiant floor installation options in the market. Designed for use anywhere, Creatherm floor panels can be installed wherever radiant heating is used. They provide an efficient thermal and sound barrier between the ground and heated slab.


RAZ Panel™ from EZ Floor

RAZ Panel™ from EZ FloorUnlike other products that claim to speed up or simplify the process of installing PEX tubing for in-floor hydronic radiant heat applications, the RAZ Panel™ truly comes through for you with uncompromising performance!



GWS Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, Inc.

LEED Assessment & Consultation (LEED Accredited Professionals)
Engineering, Consulting, Inspecting, & Training

GWS Guaranteed Watt Saver SystemsGWS, Inc. has evolved into one of the nation's leading firms specializing in Energy Efficiency Engineering and Building Science Consulting. GWS provides building science, engineering and inspections for both Energy Star and the new IRC/IECC Energy Code as well as other National Programs. To support builders in these programs, GWS has also developed one of the most comprehensive and intensive Construction and Sales Training Programs in the country.

Corporate Office
Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems Inc.
6444 Northwest Expressway, Suite 836A
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
(888) 488-0206

(888) 488-0212 fax

For details, visit



Termimesh USA, Inc.
Termite Proofing Wire Mesh

Termimesh USATermimesh is a unique physical termite barrier using a simple concept of woven stainless mesh to stop termites entering homes through concealed entry points.
The Termimesh Termite Control Barrier is considered by many to be the most effective of all termite barriers for new homes and has been a trusted name in termite protection and termite prevention for over 16 years.

For details, call them at (918) 639-4109
or go to their Website:



Solcraft PDC E-Connect System

Solcraft PDCThe E-Connect System creates a standardized chase for the insulated concrete wall systems. The chase is installed prior to concrete placement and gives the ICF professional jobsite installation control. E-Connect answers the often asked question, “How do I change the electric in the future?”

For details, call them at (484) 332-1661
or go to their Website:


Ram Snap Pro Fasteners

Ram Snap ProRam Snaps are temporary nylon fasteners used to hold items to ICFs until embedded in concrete. For details, call them at (815) 671-7518 or (888)572-6762
or go to their Website:


Wind-Lock Corp.
Tools & Accessories

Wind-Lock CorpBy any measure—quietness, energy efficiency, durability and ease of construction—buildings constructed with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are an innovative solution to today’s building challenges. Wind-lock® leads the way with the tools you need to succeed for performing cutting, gluing and finishing operations more productively. Your ICF supplier for tools, accessories, adhesives and more! Wind-lock has what you need, when you need it!



Insulation Solutions, Inc.

Insulation SolutionsInsulation Solutions Inc. manufactures specialty building products for the ICF industry.  Insul-Tarp® under-slab insulation provides a superior thermal and moisture barrier beneath the slab.  Viper VaporCheck® is a high performance under-slab vapor barrier manufactured to protect the living space from moisture and harmful soil gasses.  In addition to the under-slab products, Insul-Tarp Form Cover™ protects the pour from debris while also allowing for a stronger cure.  For further information on the Insulation Solutions, Inc. product line, please visit

For details, call them at (866) 698-6562 or go to their Website:



CertainTeed Corp.

Form-A-DrainForm-a-Drain forms precise foundation footings, with an ideally located foundation drainage system above the bottom of the footing and below the foundation wall. The system allows for simple adaptation to function as an effective means for radon reduction since it forms a complete loop around the foundation.


DMX FlexSheet™

DMX FlexSheetDMX FlexSheet™ is tough, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. Because it retains its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures, installation is fast and easy, even in cold fall and spring weather. No special breathing or skin protection needed. And thanks to its high tensile and compression strength, it won’t tear during installation or back filling.

DMX FlexSheet™ is versatile, too. You can use it for subfloors, exterior wall protection, interior wall repairs, built-up flower beds, retaining wall protection, around culverts, and in many other commercial or industrial applications.


CertainTeed Corp.
Platon Waterproofing

Platon Waterproofing SystemPlaton is the air-gap waterproofing system that is effective for ALL types of foundations. It's a tough, dimpled, 24-mil high-density polyethylene wrap that seals out water and bridges inevitable foundation cracks (1/4"+) making foundation leaks a thing of the past.

Platon is manufactured in Armtec's plant from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the same material used in corrugated plastic drain pipe, one of the toughest and longest lasting plastics. Platon provides a permanent water and moisture barrier.

For details, call them at (810) 444-6460
or go to their Website:


Resisto Waterproofing

resistoRESISTO waterproofing products are useful everywhere you look in your house or cottage, whether for construction, maintenance or renovation. To find the products you need, check out our easy to use colour coding system. For every reason, there's a colour!

RESISTO waterproofing products install easily and come with complete installation instructions. To get yours, go to a building supply and renovation centre near you.

For details, call them at (418) 681-8127

or go to their Website:


SuperSeal Dimpled Membrane

supersealIs an extremely durable, inexpensive and easy to use waterproofing membrane. It can be used on all types of foundations and does not require any additional coatings. For details, visit


Tamko Building Products

TAMKO TW-60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane:
TamkoTAMKO TW-60 is a flexible, self-adhering, rubberized asphalt sheet waterproofing membrane with a polymer film on the surface and a removable treated release film on the adhesive side. TW-60 is especially well suited for below-grade waterproofing of foundation walls, tunnels, earth shelters, ICF forms, and similar structures. The TW-60 membrane is also suitable for waterproofing plaza decks, parking decks, balconies, and terraces.

TAMKO TWP-2 Water Base Primer:
TAMKO TWP-2 is a high-quality rubberized water-based primer formulated for the professional waterproofing contractor. Provides maximum bond to asphalt, concrete, masonry, and metal surfaces. Ideal for use in preparing surfaces to receive TAMKO TW-60 Sheet Waterproofing Membranes.




JAMB-it-ALLJAMB-it-ALL™ a revolutionary new product designed to improve the methods of creating openings in ICF walls and floors.


Stala® Integrated Framing Assemblies, LLC.
Integrated Door and Window Openings, Advanced ICF Framing with Glazing Options

Stala Integrated Framing AssembliesStala® Integrated Framing Assemblies (IFAs) present a revolutionary design for doors and window openings in ICF construction. Our unique assembly offers siginificant advantages over the use of conventional bucking materials to dramatically improve the overall speed and professionalism of ICF construction.

For details, call them at (888) 779-2118 or go to their Website:


Vinyl Technologies, Inc.
VBuck Block-out System

VBuckThe VBUCK vinyl block-out system is easy to assemble, installs quickly, helps job sites look cleaner, and is available at an installed price equal to wood.
All the window shapes and styles you might envision can be pre-manufactured for your next project. The VBUCK brand vinyl block-out system increases the versatility of your ICF buildings. VBUCK is extruded in 15 widths to fit nearly every ICF system and can be manufactured in a variety of custom shapes.


Westra Industries, Inc.
Westra InsulBuck

InsulBuckICF window/door block-out-system for any ICF project. InsulBuck™ was created as an alternative to wood and all vinyl block-outs for ICF walls. InsulBuck™ is cost effective, energy efficient and easy to assemble providing continuous insulation around the opening. InsulBuck™ help you achieve higher LEEDS points and reduce energy waste. This is truly an "ICF Buck for an ICF project" it maintains the ultra energy efficiency that an ICF wall is intended to provide, which is simply something that wood and all-vinyl can't accomplish. InsulBuck™ is truly "Green" as it is made from recycled materials.

Greg Westra
President/Owner, Westra Industries, Inc.
19610 Gunpowder Road Millers, MD 21102-2608 443-507-5891 (office) 443-244-0214 (cell)



European Windows from Moss Pointe Builders

European WindowsEuropean Windows is the exclusive distributor for the exciting line of Windows, French Doors, Sliding Doors, Entry Doors, Roller Shutters, Retractable and Fixed Screens manufactured in Germany by HEINZMANN®. Heinzmann has provided solutions to its European customers' concerns about rising energy cost noise pollution and protection from extreme weather conditions for more than 30 years. Until now, their product has not been readily available to the American public. We are proud to bring you a technology that has not been introduced to this country until now.

Available from:
European Windows
Contact: Bernie Wolf
3315 Dawsonville Highway
Gainesville GA, 30506 USA
Phone:(770) 287-9194
Fax:(770) 287-9828

For details, visit


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